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Fresh Start Personal Training

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About Fresh Start Personal Training

Do you want to get fit but dont like gyms?
Are you sick of feeling tired and sore but dont have time to travel to fitness
Do you want to be fit and healthy, and to have the body shape you desire?
Are you seeking results, motivation, convenience, safety and expertise?
Do you lack motivation to make a change in life, and maybe its time to step out of the box for a fresh start?

Fresh Start Personal Training is a mobile injury rehabilitation and personal training service operating throughout the northern Gold Coast, Logan City,and South Brisbane.

Using a personal trainer is a great way to work to your peak. A personal trainer motivates you and gives you direct and personal attention, providing you with up-to-date and safe information. A personal trainer will design a personal programme to help you safely work you hardest each session with faster results. A personal trainer can be a great benefit to people of all fitness levels.

I am a qualified personal trainer and am registered with Fitness Australia. I provide a mobile personal training service to people of all ages and fitness levels. I have always been heavily involved in health and fitness. As a teenager I participated in various representative sporting teams and trained atan elite level daily.

At 19, I was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident which involved many months of rehabilitation. During this time I discovered that there were
few services available to help me fully recover and to get my fitness to a level where I could safely exercise again. As a result, I began to study injury
rehabilitation and fitness. After helping myself, I realized my skills could be beneficial to my family and friends. These skills have now evolved into a full time business which provides expertise, guidance, and supervision in the field of rehabilitation and xercise prescription.

Fresh Start Personal Training caters to those of all fitness levels and ages, ensuring that clients exercise safely and to the best of their abilities. As a fully qualified international class personal trainer, I provide all the
personal attention, expertise, and motivation my clients need.


I use many of these techniques every training session; I choose which technique to use based on the personal preferences, goals and abilities of my clients. All programmes are designed individually so that you can work at your best.

We specialize in:

Injury rehabilitation
Over 40s training
Control management of lifestyle injuries such as (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, diabetes)
Cardiovascular exercises
Weights/resistance training
Boxercise & kick boxercise
Sport specific training
Body sculpting
Nutritional advice
Flexibility training

Fresh Start Personal Training operates in all northern Gold Coast districts as well as Logan, south Brisbane and surrounding areas.





Fresh Start Personal Training - Ormeau


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